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On the road (ongoing project)

It feels as if this project has been bubbling under the surface for some time. Many of the images in the above gallery have been taken over the past 5 years, mostly as I have travelled to and from my work in Ealing. I stopped working there almost three years ago but I still haven't been able to shake the compulsion to photograph the movement of people in the UK. 

So, therefore, I'm not going to stop. Now lockdowns are abating (touch wood or incite any rite of luck or divine intervention here), people are starting to venture out again. This raises a great deal of questions about what our relationship is with movement in the UK.

On the road doesn't necessarily include train travel or plane travel, with this project I'm focussing very much on the road and all the notions of freedom and adventure that comes with it. It seems the rural road and the way the country is transversed by car is the great litmus test of British society. In the post pandemic world the idea of freedom and liberty to move has become almost a politicised human right. 

No where else is there such a complex set of paradigms and contradictions of the attitudes of people moving by car. The sense of freedom and the right to move freely, the power, the control, the illegality, the liberty, all set against the seeming green and pleasant land of Great Britain.

As a photographer, all I can do is move amongst this, as the world opens up, and record it, trying as hard as I can not to get drawn in too much.

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