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Peter and Parkinson's Disease

This is a major new project that follows people living with Parkinson's Disease. Initially I have taken photographs and made a film about my father's battle with the disease, his use of new physiotherapy techniques, his exercise regime and his love for his hobby, church bell ringing.


The aim of the project is to show how people cope with the disease and how rigorous exercise can help to combat it's effects. Parkinson's has very many symptoms and not all are displayed in each person living with the disease. This means that there are very many different ways people cope and carry on living active lives, also people of all ages can get the disease. I hope with this project we will be able to expand awareness and offer some insight into the lives of people living with Parkinson's disease.

Boxers - This was a commission I undertook around 2008 for Ring SQ boxing promotion. The work was used for promotion for the company and in an A3 book designed and laid out by me for a pitch to television companies.