New work


The work shown on this page represents over 10 years of exploration into new digital technologies toward the possibility of creating a form of abstract expressionistic image making.

I'm constantly updating this website with new work, please check back soon for more. I hope to soon offer print sales directly through the website of these and other images. 


Evocation triptych


 The images displayed in this triptych have all been carefully chosen as they are historic sites of interest with compelling stories associated to them.

Click on one of the images to see a larger size and a link to a PDF book which gives a deeper look at the location (and the ritual of making the final image). Once in click on the image to enter full screen. 

Further information on my Printing Techniques.


Other Images from the Evocation series


These images were made whilst working toward the three images for the Evocation series. They are of various locations around the UK. 


Seeing the Wild


These 3 series of images represent a passionate and brutal attempt to draw out and visualise a wilderness within the city. Looking back on the work now I see it as a therapy. I was attempting to break through human representation within a photograph to see the city and its people as fractured, organic objects. 

This work was created for my MA at the London College of Communication started in 2011. It was the first time I had pieced together separate images in order to create a montage. 'The Waiting Room' (middle picture) was the first work attempted. 

Click on the one of the images to see more from that series.